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Viewing .docx in Suse 10.2

Yazan: Candace | 06 March 2007 | Comments Off on Viewing .docx in Suse 10.2
Categories: Hellmares, Linux, Microsoft, Organizing

Jeff wouldn’t give up so I guess I couldn’t either. He saw my last post and has had suggested several solutions for opening a .docx but without Word 2007 it’s a major challenge for now. If I had Word 2003 there’s an update but I’m an OpenOffice user on both my Linux and Windows machines […]

.docx will drive me to drink

Yazan: Candace | 04 March 2007 | Comments Off on .docx will drive me to drink
Categories: Hellmares, Microsoft

I have a pile of files here that need opening and they’re all in this file format I’ve never seen before: .docx. It looks vaguely familiar — probably a Microsoft something, related to the .doc format.

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