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Candace, 19 May 2012, No comments
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I joined github and my first repository is out there, ready for action.

I joined github because although I’ve been writing code since high school, there’s precious little of it to be found. Joining github has given me a place to archive, motivation to create, and an opportunity to participate in a culture of sharing.A screenshot of my github userid (cnast) and username (Candace)

In high school I took two years of computer science. My first year we started with punch cards that had to be processed at the school board’s headquarters, but thankfully we were able to move on to BASIC on Commodore 64s halfway through the year. The second year, we had Unisys ICONs. I had no idea that I could have kept on with Computer Science in university! I don’t know where the guidance counsellors were or how I could have been so clueless at the time — although since no one in my family had ever been to university it’s not such a surprise looking back.

When I did make it to post-secondary, I was still interested in tech so I took all the CS courses for non-majors. There were some gems in the IT Minor (Programming in C, CyberEthics, and some html, css, and javascript), but I wish I’d taken a double major in CS. And now, since I never use C, I really wish I had easy access to the programs I wrote. Enter github: now I have a reason to dig them out of the digital graveyard that is my box of old hard drives and give them new life. And now I have a place to record my adventures in Python — like Robo-Sam!


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