UBB, grandfathering, and monopolies

Candace, 19 February 2011, No comments
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I’ve been a Teksavvy customer for a looooong time. I came late to the internets ~ 2001 or so and I started out with those free discs from the post office. I moved up to NetZero and got my netz five minutes at a time – as long as I continuously clicked on ads. I was so very poor and it was this or nothing. Eventually I got so frustrated that I revamped the budget so it included a real dial up connection. I wanted a local company, found Teksavvy and hitched my wagon. I’ve been a Teksavvy customer ever since. It pleases me greatly that Teksavvy is a leader in support of net neutrality and against User Based Biling (UBB).

Because I’ve been with Teksavvy so long I’ll qualify to keep my current package (200 GB for under $40) under the CRTC’s grandfather clause if some kind of UBB is approved. I sure hope it isn’t and I’ve written my representatives and donated to OpenMedia.ca. However, I’m well aware of wishes and horses, etc.

What I’d really like to do is completely drop the account I currently have with Bell – the one that brings the internet across the phone lines to the house. I want to switch over to dry DSL. Unfortunately, if I switch to dry DSL, Teksavvy’s phone staff believes they’ll consider me a new customer on a new account and I’ll lose my grandfather-eligible status.



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