Screen-free? No thanks

cnast, 17 January 2013, No comments
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I’m surprised at how angry screen-free day makes me. I’m quite happy living in the present, thank you very much. You don’t see people advocating for penicillin- or insulin-free days, or indoor-plumbing-free days, or the removal of mass transit, or other scientific advances that have made lives more accessible or more enjoyable for us. Why is everyone so down on screens???

My alarm clock has a screen; without it I’d be late. I don’t see my parents very often, but my mom has a tablet and my dad has a pc so we’re able to keep in touch through the week. My adult daughter sends me texts to keep me up on her adventures — I wouldn’t trade those in a million years. My other kid uses online videos to practice dance steps, which he then teaches to me. Why why why would we want to go backwards in time?

Technology is the foundation of my livelihood. It’s also the way I’ve maintained a relationship with my husband who has lived 3000+ kilometres away for over three years now. It’s also where I find community and laughs (primarily via Google+ and Twitter, although imgur and facebook bring me some of that too).

So no, I will *not* be participating in screen-free day. It’s the wrong message. If your screen is interfering in your life or your relationships, you’re using it wrong. (And for a small fee, I’d be happy to set you up so that your technology enriches your life.)


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