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Book Review: Death So Noble

Yazan: Candace | 02 April 2010 | No Comments
Categories: Academia, Book, Canadiana, History, School, Women

In Death So Noble, Jonathan Vance explores how Canadians constructed a collective memory of the First World War based on “fact, wishful thinking, half-truth, and outright invention.”[1] Vance endeavours to explain how Canadians gave birth to the myth and how it became embedded in the collective consciousness in the 1920s and 1930s.[2] Vance argues that […]

A Midwife’s Case

Yazan: Candace | 28 May 2009 | No Comments
Categories: Birth, History, Women

On Pickwick Avenue, in Leamington, Ontario there is a Heritage Centre on the second floor of the Mennonite Home.  When I was there last month I received a tour from Astrid Koop and one of the treasures she showed me  was the midwife case of Mrs. Sara Matthies (nee Retzlaff). According to the record, Sara […]

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