THATcamp SF Bootcamp: Everything Google with Mano Marks

Candace, 12 October 2010, No comments
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In the spirit of THATcamp and trying new things, I’m trying something new here. If all goes well, my notes from the “Everything Google” Bootcamp this past weekend at THATcamp Bay Area should be embedded below. The session was run by Mano Marks, a developer advocate (DA) at Google. My reflection on the session is below that.

I’m not sure what type of research I’d use Fusion tables to model, but as I work through the examples I might figure that out.

I spent a lot of my time trying to copy Mano’s urls into my own browser so I could follow along with what he was doing. It got easier once I found a data set to manipulate, but I would have gotten more out of the session if I’d been able to work through some meaningful visualizations instead of watching a demo. There were some great examples shown and I tried to gather the urls for those for working through later.

I thought we were going to get an intro to working with the api, but I think we attendees were more beginner than Mano had expected. I’m not a developer yet, but I’m working on it. He did mention that as a DA it’s his job to answer questions people have as they work with the api and if a group gathers 25-50 people (local to SF) or 50-100 (outside the area) Google can send an advocate to run a bootcamp session. Something to keep in mind as I get further along here….


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