THATcamp Bay Area: winding down

Candace, 11 October 2010, No comments
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So THATcamp Bay Area is winding down. The unconference is over and a handful of people are hanging around having post-conference conversations, enjoying the sun, finishing the beer. Pizza has been ordered and a couple of us are working on wrap up posts before we return to our daily grind. I want to try to maintain the momentum that THATcamp has begun so am writing my notes and posting them before I get distracted by work and family responsibilities.

It’s been an incredible weekend: 75 people shared their ideas, projects, successes, and failures. I’ve met so many incredibly talented, intelligent, and generous people and I want to continue the conversations we started this weekend. I’ll post the notes I took in the sessions I attended and I hope others will do the same. I want to read your notes; I want to know what everyone learned.

I have notes for Text mining, Organizing an Unconference, Augmented Reality 4 Poets, Google Fusion Tables, and some possibilities for After THATcamp. I’ll link them up as I post them.

I’d like to send out a special thank you to Jon Voss and the rest of the THATcamp Bay Area organizing committee for an incredible weekend. It was wonderful to meet people that I’ve been following on twitter and to find so many new people to follow. I’m excited for the follow ups we started cooking up in the last session of the day and hope we stay connected.


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