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Uzma Shakir is Spending this Week in Windsor

Yazan: Candace | 22 October 2008 | 2 Comments
Categories: Academia, Activism, Canadiana, Culture, Diversity, Family, Feminism, Feminist Theory, Happy, Language, Life, Relationships, School, Sexism, Third Wave, Women's Studies

This year’s Distinguished Visitor in Women’s Studies at the University of Windsor is Uzma Shakir, a Pakistan-born community activist making a difference in Scarborough, Ontario. She is the 2003 recipient of the Jane Jacobs Prize and was recently awarded the Atkinson Foundation’s Economic Justice Award in recognition of her work on behalf of immigrants in […]

About Citing Wikipedia

Yazan: Candace | 15 September 2007 | No Comments
Categories: Academia, Culture, Language, School, Technology

School’s started up again and if I hear another caveat from a professor telling students not to cite Wikipedia I think I’m going to lose it. In each instance it’s gone something like this: (Prof): In writing your papers this semester, you’ll be required to use outside sources. When you’re looking for material, do not […]

Defining History

Yazan: Candace | 30 May 2007 | No Comments
Categories: Academia, Canadiana, Culture, History, Language, Life

It’s all about perspective. My kids got a map in mail, a map of the area a bit north of here with points of interest marked to encourage daytripping over the summer. It’s a cool map with great photos of marinas, wetlands, artwork, theatres, kayaking, scuba diving, lighthouses — lots of different categories so that […]

John Jay High School

Yazan: Candace | 09 March 2007 | 7 Comments
Categories: Activism, Bodies, Culture, Feminism, Feminist Theory, Language, Life, School, Sexism, Sexuality, Third Wave, Women's Studies

Wasn’t it just International Women’s Day? Couldn’t we celebrate instead of attacking women? Update: Contact phone number for John Jay High School in NY: 914 763-7200 Leave a message with the principal in support of the Megan Reback, Elan Stahl and Hannah Levinson. I got a link to the censorship taking place at John Jay […]

Bucking the System

Yazan: Candace | 14 February 2007 | No Comments
Categories: Activism, Bodies, Culture, Diversity, Divorce, Family, Feminism, Feminist Theory, Happy, Language, Life, Marriage, Masculinity, Relationships, Sexism, Sexuality, Third Wave, Women's Studies

When you decide that things aren’t quite right and that you have the power to make changes in the world, however large or small those changes might be, you leave the path. You can no longer follow the map of your youth, the instruction book your parents gave you, or mimic the decisions made by […]

Too Socialist

Yazan: Candace | 08 December 2006 | No Comments
Categories: Culture, Language, Life, Religion, School

I seem to be in a perpetual struggle for a secular education for my kids at the local public school. This past week my daughter brought home a spelling worksheet with the sentence “Insects are one of the many creatures God created. The word insects was underlined to be replaced with one of the list […]

The F-word again: what’s the diff between ‘egalitarianism’ and ‘feminism’?

Yazan: Candace | 14 September 2006 | No Comments
Categories: Academia, Bodies, Culture, Diversity, Ecofeminism, Feminism, Feminist Theory, Language, Sexism, Women's Studies

An egalitarian believes in equality for all people: equal opportunity, equal access to resources, regardless of their gender, age, skin colour, language, culture, sexual orientation, religion, ability, etc. A feminist shares this belief but takes it further and says that women’s oppression must be acknowledged and eliminated before an egalitarian society can exist. We cannot […]

Our Influence on Language: “Podcast” is now a word

Yazan: Candace | 08 December 2005 | No Comments
Categories: Activism, Audiocast, Blogging, Culture, Cyberspace, Feminism, Feminist Theory, Language, Podcast, Technology, Third Wave, Women's Studies

This story today announces that the word “podcast” has made it into the New Oxford American Dictionary 2006. Originally coined as a combo of ‘ipod’ and ‘broadcast’ the word has spread into popular culture and beyond. My extended family now knows what a podcast is. My children know. Their friends know. The widespread popularity has […]

Blogging from the poorhouse – Blogher 2006

Yazan: Candace | 03 November 2005 | Comments Off on Blogging from the poorhouse – Blogher 2006
Categories: Activism, Blogging, Blogher, Culture, Diversity, Feminism, Feminist Theory, Language, Third Wave, Women's Studies

Blogher 2006 has been announced so mark your calendars: July 28 and July 29, 2006. Sour Duck has asked the question of how to get economically disadvantaged women to the conference this year. If you scroll down here to the comment section you can read Lisa Stone’s response which includes what helped last year. Some […]

The Problem With Feminism

Yazan: Candace | 29 September 2005 | No Comments
Categories: Academia, Culture, Diversity, Feminism, Feminist Theory, Language, Women's Studies

The use of the term “feminist” inhibits the goals of the movement for equality. In her article “Why I’m a Feminist,” Lauren Anderson describes some of the many negative stereotypes associated with “feminism” and “feminists” like “hairy-legged, bitchy, [and] lesbian” (Anderson 32). According to this stereotype, feminists are destructive, hateful, selfish and angry. These stereotypes […]

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