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No amount of capsaicin

Yazan: Candace | 21 December 2006 | No Comments
Categories: Bodies, Food, Life, Relationships

No amount of capsaicin will kill this cold. At this point, officially Day 3, I’ve lost my appetite anyway though if someone wanted to make me a bowl of spicy lentil soup I would give eating it my best effort. I’ve drained a bottle of hot sauce and it doesn’t seem to have done a […]

Good things

Yazan: Candace | 08 December 2006 | No Comments
Categories: Activism, Culture, Family, Feminism, Food, Happy, Life, Relationships, Third Wave, Women's Studies

I am in such a wonderfully good place right now. There are still enough days between now and due dates that I’m not yet in full freakout, and I am surrounded by the most wonderful and caring people anyone could know. It began yesterday with some sweet things my kids said, then I was surprised […]

Gelatin in Becel??

Yazan: Candace | 24 September 2006 | No Comments
Categories: Food, Life

Since when is there gelatin in becel margarine? The kids like margarine on a bagel now and then – or on corn on the cob. A container lasts us a really long time so I don’t mind spending a bit more to get something with ingredients I can pronounce. I read labels today at the […]

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