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Our Influence on Language: “Podcast” is now a word

Yazan: Candace | 08 December 2005 | No Comments
Categories: Activism, Audiocast, Blogging, Culture, Cyberspace, Feminism, Feminist Theory, Language, Podcast, Technology, Third Wave, Women's Studies

This story today announces that the word “podcast” has made it into the New Oxford American Dictionary 2006. Originally coined as a combo of ‘ipod’ and ‘broadcast’ the word has spread into popular culture and beyond. My extended family now knows what a podcast is. My children know. Their friends know. The widespread popularity has […]

Blogging from the poorhouse – Blogher 2006

Yazan: Candace | 03 November 2005 | Comments Off on Blogging from the poorhouse – Blogher 2006
Categories: Activism, Blogging, Blogher, Culture, Diversity, Feminism, Feminist Theory, Language, Third Wave, Women's Studies

Blogher 2006 has been announced so mark your calendars: July 28 and July 29, 2006. Sour Duck has asked the question of how to get economically disadvantaged women to the conference this year. If you scroll down here to the comment section you can read Lisa Stone’s response which includes what helped last year. Some […]

Audio Activism

Yazan: Candace | 27 October 2005 | No Comments
Categories: Academia, Activism, Audiocast, Blogging, Feminism, Feminist Theory, Podcast, Spirituality, Technology, Third Wave, Women's Studies

Third wave feminism is characterized by its activism. Although some still argue that there is ‘no third wave’ I see plenty of proof peeking up all over that a re-emergence of feminism is upon us and hopefully this will be accompanied by progress towards gender equality. Audiocasting is an ideal tool for combining third wave […]


Yazan: Candace | 19 September 2005 | No Comments
Categories: Blogging, Culture, Ecofeminism, Family, Feminism, Technology

My house was robbed the weekend after finals. I’m just about put back together – luckily I had insurance. It’s been a great challenge trying to function without a computer for the past few weeks, borrowing and traveling to get the essentials met. Unfortunately the blog was one of the first things to go. My […]

Blogher Canada

Yazan: Candace | 09 August 2005 | No Comments
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Since the Blogher conference on 30 July 2005 the blogosphere has been filled with posts galore about the experience, the knowledge sharing, the future of blogging, and the building of a blogging community with personal friendships at its core. For all those people who cannot make it to California, I’m suggesting we put together a […]


Yazan: Candace | 29 June 2005 | Comments Off on Birth
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