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Yazan: Candace | 18 September 2006 | No Comments
Categories: Aging, Bodies, Life, Relationships, Sexuality

There may be too much information here but just know that you’ve been warned… I’ve been having irregular, unexplained pain in and around the area of my ovaries and uterus – completely incapacitating pain to the point of tears – for the past ten months or so. It used to only last a few hours […]

New site: Heroine Content

Yazan: Candace | 21 August 2006 | 2 Comments
Categories: Bodies, Boothbabes, Culture, Feminism, Games, Sexism, Sexuality, Technology

I added the feed from Heroine Content to my collection recently. This is from the site’s first post and welcome: Heroine Content is a feminist and anti-racist blog about women kicking ass. More specifically, we write about women kicking ass in action films, with a side order of television and video game commentary as things […]

More about Booth Babes

Yazan: Candace | 21 April 2006 | Comments Off on More about Booth Babes
Categories: Boothbabes, E3, Feminism, Sexism, Sexuality, Technology

So Noah wants to bring back the booth babes. He’s a 17 year old high school student (technically not even old enough to get in to E3) and he’s crying that taking booth babes out of E3 is a travesty. /sigh/ There is more to life than booth babes. I don’t go to E3 for […]

Masculinity and 40 year old virgins

Yazan: Candace | 01 November 2005 | Comments Off on Masculinity and 40 year old virgins
Categories: Activism, Audiocast, Culture, Family, Feminism, Feminist Theory, Masculinity, Podcast, Sexism, Sexuality, Third Wave, Women's Studies

Download the audio: Masculinity and the 40 Year Old Virgin (6 mins, 5 MB) I saw the movie. And while I was also in shock at the way women were discussed and treated, I laughed at the main character Andy while he tried to navigate the pressures to be what a man is ‘supposed’ to […]


Yazan: Candace | 29 October 2005 | No Comments
Categories: Activism, Audiocast, Bodies, Feminism, Podcast, Sexuality, Third Wave, Women's Studies

Tara McKee is a sex educator from Toronto, Ontario. In this audiocast she addresses issues surrounding the need for accurate education surrounding sexuality. She makes suggestions regarding negotiating sexual boundaries, and finding woman positive information about sex and also talks about the sexual pressures women face. In the true nature of third wave feminism, she […]

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