Morning Overload

Candace, 23 February 2011, No comments
Categories: Family

Woke up to a freezing cold house this morning. Apparently when the batteries go in an electronic thermostat the furnace no longer cycles. 18.5 C (65 F) is not my idea of a comfortable working temperature. It’s been working for the last hour trying to catch up. I’m much cozier at a balmy 21 C (69.8 F) and hoping we’ll get there soon.

Kids are all back at school for the first time in a week. The oldest and the youngest have been sick. I don’t recall the last time anyone missed this much school and it certainly has never happened where two were this sick at the same time. Because it’s been awhile, our morning routine was a bit off. The kids who got used to sleeping in (albeit with fevers) were up early today for a change.

And then the pant wars began. It isn’t even about the pants I’m sure, but rather one of those chances to practice being stubborn/defiant/independent. I don’t know where they find the worn out pants with holes in the knees, but one kid manages to find them on school days when I’m extra tired. Once they’re on, he’s committed to them, and it’s a battle to get him to change into something else. Today the first change was into dirty pants from the hamper, covered in materials from a 2-days-ago project. Eventually everyone made it out the door dressed for the winter weather, with plans for pants shopping after school. /sigh/


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