There is a such thing as SUP Yoga?

Candace, 02 March 2012, No comments
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Snorkelling off Makena Beach. Fish in the background

Couldn't find my SUP pics so snorkelling will have to do.

I got to try Stand Up Paddling (SUP) for the first time last fall while in Hawaii. We were told that stand up paddling was a traditional means of transportation between the islands – and from where I was on the coast of Maui, in the Makena area, it didn’t seem inconceivable that I might paddle a few miles to Lanai with a basket on the front of the board…

As it turns out, I’ll be attending the Museums and the Web conference in San Diego next month and just saw on Twitter (hashtag #mw2012) that there’s a contingent possibly planning some SUP while we’re in town. That sounded good enough to me (there’s something pretty incredible about standing on top of water and paddling around) – but then I checked. out. the. website.

Someone has found a company that doesn’t stop at renting boards. They also offer classes, including SUP Yoga. People actually do yoga on the boards. Early in the morning. They also offer core workouts and a unique cross-training experience:

This is an intense and athletic class which consists of a strong distance paddle, soft sand run and sprint intervals, cadenced and interval paddle strokes. Prepare for a SUP race or just add this to your weekly fitness regimen.

Pretty incredible what people do, eh? I don’t think I’ll be doing yoga or a fitness workout standing on a board. However, I really am hoping to spend some time in (or on top of) the ocean while I’m there.


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