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Restoring Feeds in Opera

Yazan: Candace | 22 March 2007 | Comments Off on Restoring Feeds in Opera
Categories: Opera, Organizing, Web Applications

I like Opera. I really do. I haven’t found anything better for reading feeds which means it’s open on my desktop almost all the time. Or at least it was until I switched from Windows XP to Suse 10.2. Because I’ve been busy with school and life it’s taken me awhile to copy over my […]

I [heart] Opera

Yazan: Candace | 23 June 2006 | Comments Off on I [heart] Opera
Categories: Opera, Pandora, Web Applications

You know those times when you know you really should try something, that friends are using it and say it’s good but for one reason or another you just can’t get around to it? I mean, what you have is good enough – really good even, so what else could be this good?

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