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If I lived in Vancouver, was done school, and looking for work, this job opening at Social Signal would be the one for me. In the meantime, maybe this is the one for you? Here are some excerpts from the posting. For the entire job description and more about Social Signal, click through to Alexandra Samuel’s post.

Wanted: Web services consultant

Who you are: You enjoy working with technology, and want your work to have social value. You like knowing that the work you’ve done each day has made a real difference – to your colleagues, your clients, and the world. If you’ve got a free evening you’re torn between spending it online checking out a new site you’ve heard about, or heading out to meet your friends at a community gathering or demonstration.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • configuring and troubleshooting web sites for socially-oriented online communities (you don’t need to be a programmer or web designer, but you do need to enjoy learning new software programs or web tools)
  • advising on site strategy and design as part of a development team
  • researching, writing and/or copy editing blog posts and online community contentwriting how-to guides to help community members use advanced online tools with ease and confidence
  • identifying and exploring new web sites, tools and strategies


  • tech skills (Mac/Windows/Linux, software programs you know, web tools you use)
  • solid writing and communication skills
  • personal organization and time management


  • technology work (paid or volunteer) for community organizations, socially-oriented businesses, or government agencies
  • projects where you have developed or managed a web site or blog
  • professional or personal projects that have required you to learn a new software tool or technical skill
  • situations where you’ve resolved a technology challenge
  • situations where you’ve been the primary tech support for colleagues or friends
  • writing for work or fun, on a regular basis, possibly on a blog
  • volunteer work for community organizations or causes
  • situations where you’ve worked independently with minimal supervision
  • situations where you’ve gone the extra mile to get the job done


  • commmunity groups, projects or issues you’re involved in
  • web sites you like or web tools you’re excited about

Bonus points for:

  • having your own blog
  • demonstrated knowledge of Drupal, WordPress, PHP, HTML or CSS
  • knowledge of one or more scripting or programming languages
  • a personal take on the relative virtues of open source and proprietary software

We’re looking for a progressive, tech-friendly person whose passion for social change is matched only by a fascination with technology. This sixth member of our team will have a hands-on role in developing and implementing online community projects for our diverse range of clients. We don’t need a programmer, but we do need someone who enjoys working with computers and is a quick learner. We can help you learn the tech skills you need for the job; you need to come equipped with your own communications savvy, political smarts, and love of new tech challenges.

Compensation will be commensurate with skills and experience. Please note that this is an entry-level position.

Theory and practice, geekdom and activism… what an awesome way to contribute to the world.


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