Poverty Diet

Candace, 27 December 2006, No comments
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Best diet I’ve ever heard of. It worked well, steady weight loss over time, kept it off well too. The secret? Not having enough money to buy food. Pay the shelter bills first – hopefully you’ve enough for those. Next: feed the kids – peanut butter, pasta, tomato sauce, and dried beans from the food bank. The parenting centre would let me scan their shelves for foods my kids liked. Other places I’d be handed a pre-packed brown bag. Grow a garden for vegetables. In the winter grow sprouts.

No food = no eating = get skinny. No exercise required, though since I didn’t have a car or bus money walking everywhere probably speeded up the process.

This method worked for me and my friend, another single mom. Of course there are side effects: no energy, depression, and hopelessness. And clothes get droopy. But isn’t it worth it to be thin?

Ahhhh those were the days.


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  1. Alexandra
    28 December 2006, 2:38 am

    It’s funny you should blog about this today, because earlier this afternoon I happened to come accross Hungry for a Month, with is both kind of interesting but also kind of problematic – I mean, it must be nice for this guy to just do this as an experiment and then go back to his regular lifestyle, without really adressing his privilege, while there are people around us who don’t have that choice to make. But it’s still kind of interesting.

  2. Skippy DeMille
    13 February 2007, 4:25 am
  3. J.L3wis
    03 November 2009, 4:30 pm


    This is my life as well, to the TEE!!

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