E3 is over

Candace, 12 May 2006, Comments Off on E3 is over
Categories: E3, Games, Nintendo, Wii

It’s been a crazy couple of days. See why in the 16punches galleries here.

I’m super swagged and super excited to play some of these games when they are released later this year. The big deal of the show was definitely Nintendo’s Wii. The line to get in to the Wii area looped around for as far as the eye could see. I heard it was a 6 hour wait. I gave up. I really really wanted to try it out but not at the expense of missing the rest of the show. Last year Microsoft was giving out tickets to get in to try out the Xbox 360 – this should be the way exhibitors handle the lines. It doesn’t do anybody any good to stand in line for hours. Even Nintendo suffers: no one in that line gets to try the new DS titles, the DS lite, the Brain Game… what a bummer.


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