E3 Begins

Candace, 10 May 2006, Comments Off on E3 Begins
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Today’s the day. In 15 minutes the doors to E3 2006 will open and geeks galore will rush in to see the latest releases from their favourite game companies. My first stop is Blizzard to see what’s new with World of Warcraft. I’ll also be on the lookout for boothbabes as a follow up to this thread running on Muse and Fury. There’s been a lot of discussion this year leading up to E3 about the fines for scantily clad boot babes so I’m curious to see how booths have decided to handle this.

Rob is also blogging the conference and we started out early this morning with a plan to pick up our passes at Loews in Santa Monica. Hah! We got there to find the attendant had flaked off somewhere but that he’d be back at 10:30. With a conference that starts at 11 in another place 30 minutes away that wasn’t going to be particularly helpful. Instead we’re going to have to pick up our badges at the International attendees booth after it opens as soon as we’re done our early lunch at Fusion Cafe.

More later ~ ciao


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  1. […] We’re running a little behind schedule, as Candace mentioned, but that’s fine by me. I’ve never been one for standing in line. We’re just going to finish lunch and (hopefully) catch the tail end of the line picking up our badges. We’ll see how that goes. Seeing as the last couple years we didn’t even get here until the second day, we’ll still end up with more oppurtunity to get sa much as we can out of the show. […]

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