Get ready for more of this at E3 2006

Candace, 26 March 2006, 2 comments
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mannequin in a t-shirt that says booth babe

Rob‘s been away at GDC this week and he’s been taking pictures of the boothbabes apparently. This photo is from his flickr page. With the fines for objectifying women set for this year I wonder how many boothbabes like this one we’ll be seeing at E3 2006?


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  1. Matt Close
    24 April 2006, 3:07 am

    Hi, I want to attend the next E3 Expo but, if there aren’t going to be any scantily clad women then what’s the point? I think it’s femminism gone mad that says women have to cover-up! Look, when will people realise that men and women can dress how they feel and if women are comfortable dressing scantily clad then how the hell does sexism apply? It’s a woman’s choice as to whether she want’s to work in a job that asks her to dress scantily clad not an order, instruction or dictate! This whole BS about objectifying women is just the same as a woman or women objectifying men isn’t it?

    Bottom line, the E3 Booth Babes add something to the atmosphere, no-one forces them to dress in a way that they do not feel comfortable and if that was the case then why haven’t they made a complaint? Games previews and confrence information usually get published on the web anyway so no-one really needs to go! They go to the E3 Expo because of the atmosphere that is completed by the beautiful women. It is perfectly OK for women to objectify men because men aren’t bothered but, for a man to objectify a woman is wrong? Equal rights? I don’t think so.

    Besides which Geeks and Nerds come to these events because it has everything they want: Information, Games, Secrets and beautiful women that won’t say things like ‘ew get away you freak!’ just because they are geeks and nerds. It’s a different story if the geeks and/or nerds in question don’t respect the women, that is wrong.

    Men and Women should be allowed to dress how they want to not how the world dictates.

  2. Rob
    24 April 2006, 10:30 am

    “I want to attend the next E3 Expo but, if there aren’t going to be any scantily clad women then what’s the point?”

    The point is Electronic Entertainment? I’ve got no issue with booth babes, but if that’s the only reason you have to attend, then why not just go to a strip club? It’s a hell of a lot cheaper and gets you a lot closer to what you’re looking for.

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