Time to be Happy

Candace, 24 February 2006, No comments
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Get ready – here goes:

  1. The owner of the vacant house next door picked up the garbage in the backyard. This will hopefully help deal with the rat issue around the neighbourhood.
  2. Reading week officially begins now! I have plenty to keep me busy but there will definitely be sleep time and rest time.
  3. I had a great evening with my kids tonight.
  4. I have a great s.o. who helped me a lot this morning. It’s great to have real life help when you need it.
  5. Tomorrow I’m planning to buy myself ice skates and take my kids skating. My daughter (age 11) grew into my skates this year which were always a bit tight anyway. We’re going to go skating in the afternoon. Everyone is excited but it’s hard to tell who is the most excited, me or them.


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  1. Sour Duck
    26 February 2006, 1:24 pm

    “Reading week officially begins now!”

    OK this sounds great – I assume you’ll blog about what you read…?

    Have fun skating! I always do.

    (BTW, what’s up with the crazy buttons? And ads?)

  2. Administrator
    26 February 2006, 2:27 pm

    Hah! Read during reading week? That would be great…I’ll see what I can do.

    The buttons are a funky wordpress plugin for social bookmarking – delicious, delirious, etc. I use digg for finding neat stuff to read, not that my stuff would meet its audience very often.

    What about the ads? I started using them last summer in the sidebars and I make a few cents a day. I’m still trying to figure out how to support my family when I finish my degree next year. Think adsense will do it?

  3. Sour Duck
    27 February 2006, 3:20 pm

    Oh, sorry, I hadn’t noticed the ads before and thought that they were introduced on your blog at the same time as the little buttons. Thanks for the explanation.

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