More Happy: February 22, 2006

Candace, 22 February 2006, No comments
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It just goes on and on! More reasons to be happy:

  1. I have a night off with my kids tonight.
  2. I get to go grocery shopping this afternoon.
  3. Latin dancing was awesome (and I got to skip out early with my partner for yummy eats). Chachacha, rumba, samba… aaaahhhhh. I’m a total dance junky.
  4. I got this really cool bag from Moutain Equipment Coop in the mail today.
  5. I gave away 6 big boxes of fabric on freecycle. I used to sew costumes for a living (egad! and design make all mine and my kids’ clothes too!) but those days are past and the fabric is clutter. It feels great to have the space back.


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  1. Sour Duck
    23 February 2006, 2:57 am

    Hey more great things to be happy about! Could this be a running series…?

    Like the bag – everything goes with black. 😉 Also glad you had fun at Latin dancing…

  2. Administrator
    27 February 2006, 12:58 pm

    I’m hoping to make it a series, daily at first then maybe a regular weekly installment. Right now I really need the exercise and it’s a short quick thing I can get out to keep me blogging during midterms.

    Latin dancing is always fun! Ever tried it? Maybe I should bring some ballroom tunes to Blogher…

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