Podcasts for Learning

I went to a session today on the how-to and why university faculty should incorporate audiocasts into their classrooms. What better way to share this info thought I then by creating an audiocast covering the major topics of the workshop.

Some of the things that came up were choice of equipment, strategies for achieving better sound quality, why students want podcasts – but I want to mention one of the critical reasons that I left out of the audiocast: audio lectures are really helpful for students with special needs who either have difficulty accessing traditional classroom resources like textbooks due to visual impairments or attending to a lecture in a traditional classroom setting due to hearing impairments or information processing differences.

An audio lecture available for download before or after the class or addendums to a lecture afterwords or prep pieces to listen to as forewords before a class can all enhance a student’s learning experience.

Copyright issues as well as how to make these files available to students are also discussed.

To hear the audio just download this file:

Audiocasts for Learning 20 mins, 19 MB


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