DearRockers Helps Ease Downloader’s Guilt

Candace, 13 November 2007, 3 comments
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Vancouver techy Darren Barefoot has a new project in the works at From the website:

Many of us own music that we didn’t pay for. We don’t feel guilty about shafting the record company, but what about the musicans themselves?

Dear Rockers is host to the letters people write and send to the artists whose music has inspired, touched, supported, calmed, energized — all the things that music does for us.

The steps are easy: write a letter to your favourite artist then scan or photograph it. Send the original letter (and your donation) to the artist and send the photo or scan to Dear Rockers. They’ll publish it on the website so the world (and your favourite rockstar!) will know how you feel.

DearRockers figures that $5 is the equivalent of 3 albums based on the artsit’s earnings of 8 to 14 cents per song on iTunes.

Here’s a peek at the letter Julie sent to Imogen Heap:

letter to Imogen Heap Letter to Imogen Heap, originally uploaded by DBarefoot.

See more letters at

Keep in mind that t-shirt and other sales off an artist’s website usually go directly to the artist, bypassing the big bad music companies.



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  1. Darren Barefoot
    13 November 2007, 5:13 pm

    Thanks for the linkage!

  2. 16punches
    14 November 2007, 10:44 am

    Absolutely! I think it’s a great project — it deals with the issue: funding of artists — and the reality that the role of the record company is a-changing. People want direct access to music. If the music industry wants a piece of that they’ll have to find a way to work in a new model.

    Good luck with it.

  3. Nancy White
    16 November 2007, 10:39 am

    Wonderful! I have already passed the URL along to some peeps in my life who will appreciate this vehicle for reciprocity!

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