Gearing Up My Level 40 Shadow Priest

Candace, 29 December 2007, No comments
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She’s enjoying life as a level 40 with a nice new brown ram to ride. Travel is faster and now I can outrun the beasties of Stranglethorn Vale. Looking at my character though, I realized that zipping through the 30s so quickly as I did, I didn’t pay attention to what I was wearing and my gear is all old and out-of-date. It was decent when I hit 30 but now at 40 it’s in serious need of an update.

I’m looking for gear that will give me as much shadow damage bonus as possible. Mana regen is also welcome but since getting Shadowform at level 40 I’m doing some pretty decent damage. I figure the more shadow damage I can cause the better.

As a tailor I can make myself some pretty sweet stuff, just as I had planned when I chose the profession. I used the Firefox WOWArmory plugin to find my character on the server. Then I inspected my gear and discovered that mousing over each item brought up a “Search for Upgrades” button. Clicking this gave a list of recommended gear. I recognized many as items I could tailor. I did have to return to Stormwind to learn Shadoweave tailoring from Jalane Ayrole (coords 26,77). She’s underground with the Warlock Trainer.

Searching for the items on gave me the list of materials for creating each item. (Armory does this too.) I logged into WoW, sent my tailor all the mats she was going to need and started crafting.

Here’s what she’s wearing now:

Dreamweave Gloves
Regal Sash of Healing
Shadoweave Pants
Dreamweave Vest

Rob sent me a Ruby Crown of Restoration for Winter Veil so that’s my new headpiece.

For now I’m keeping my bracers: Lunar Bindings of Shadow Wrath.

I’ve got Black Mageweave Shoulders ready for as soon as I hit level 41.

At level 43 I’ll add Shadoweave Boots.

I need a new cloak but haven’t decided on that yet. I also need to revisit my rings and necklace. A trinket or two would be nice.

I like that I’ve been able to make so much of my gear myself and I’m glad I saved mats in my bank. In total she’s now got 144 bonus Shadow Damage and 116 bonus for healing (after all, she is a priest).


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