WoW Enchanters Take Heart

Candace, 06 December 2006, Comments Off on WoW Enchanters Take Heart
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Never fear, it’s not all doom and gloom for enchanters. One of the improvements for this “Before the Storm” patch in preparation for the release of WoW Burning Crusade includes making all Enchanting Rods counts as all lower level rods as well.

So now if you are carrying a Runed Silver Rod you don’t have to carry the Runed Copper Rod anymore. If you have the Gold, you can drop the Silver and the Copper and etcetera for all six rods. This will free up much needed bag slots, especially for mid-level enchanters who are really going to be feeling the new limits of what they can disenchant, making it harder to find supplies. Empty bag slots are always a bonus and it will also eliminate trips back to the bank to pick up that lowbie runed rod.


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