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My house was robbed the weekend after finals. I’m just about put back together – luckily I had insurance. It’s been a great challenge trying to function without a computer for the past few weeks, borrowing and traveling to get the essentials met. Unfortunately the blog was one of the first things to go. My bank put a hold on the insurance cheque – said it coudl be fraudulent – and so between the sloth of the insurance company and the bank’s self-protection it took a month to get the funds to actually replace the things that can be replaced. My grandmother’s and aunt’s jewellery are irreplaceable.

In progress are posts on ecofeminism and the Otesha project, a critique of the semantics of feminism, and bits and pieces of feminist standpoint theory. I’m also working on recording for podcast the discussions Actiongirls have every other Friday. Stand by over the next week or so while I try to reorganize, juggle classes, teaching, a new computer and all that other stuff that fills up life.

Just to share an fyi: in my attempt to be uber-l33t I made Windows x64 my operating system and have been frustrated at every turn: the latest is no printer. I’ve got this beautiful new printer sitting here – the Canon pixma ip5000 – and apparently there are no 64bit drivers ‘yet’.

Vista comes out soon; a lot of hardware manufacturers are going to have some catching up to do. Pleeeease hurry Canon!!!!

So in the meantime I’ll try setting up a friend’s old laptop as a print server and see if that works, otherwise I’ll be uninstalling this OS, installing my old 32bit xp pro and dual booting x64 so I can take advantage of this deluxe processor. Yeah. For today’s paper I have to save it off and run to a friend’s to borrow a printer.


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