Exotic Erotic at the Electronic Entertainment Expo

Candace, 25 July 2005, Comments Off on Exotic Erotic at the Electronic Entertainment Expo
Categories: Bodies, Photography, Women's Studies

image of exotic booth babe

This woman like the other booth babes stands ready to have her picture taken with anyone who requests it. Although I’ve captured her at a slow moment (closing time on the very last day of the convention) she was of particular interest. She represents the exotic and erotic appeal of a doubly subordinated group of women. Buy taking her photograph, dominant society can attempt to appropriate her culture further. There is no contemplation of whether this culture is real or fabricated only for the context of the game she is promoting. She is ‘different’ and that is all that matters. She is ripe for colonization, both as a representative of her culture, and as an individual. Her body is the gateway to this.


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