Awesome Krzr phone

Candace, 25 April 2007, No comments
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My new Krzr K1 cell phone has arrived. I bought it on ebay for a lot less than I would have paid if I’d gone through tigerdirect. I didn’t want to extend my contract with my cell phone service provider either although that would have gotten me a deal. Other reasons for going ebay: the phone was unlocked, I got the K1 instead of the K1m: the K1 has a 2 megapixel cameral whereas the K1m is only 1.3. The K1 is much harder to find in North America.

Things I like so far:

I did have to change the language settings to English from the language it was in when I got it. I panicked briefly. The box says Malaysia and I don’t know what language it was, but definitely not English or French, the only ones I’d have a chance with. Glad to say I found the setting and I’m all set now.

I’m finding good tutorials on this site. Even though it’s for the K1m everything so far seems to work the same.

And I say “krazer”, rhymes with “razor”. Some may be trying to push “cruiser” but it’s too late. Motorola started it with the Razr phone so now it’s too late. Krazer. Next I want to see the Brsrkr phone.


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