WoW Talent Specs for Level 27 and 28 Priest

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My priest in World Of Warcraft is Level 28, working her way up to 60 bit by bit. With the latest Before the Storm patch every character gets their Talent points reimbursed so that you can re-spec given the changes that have been made to each class, race and talent tree. Lots of things have changed so it’s worth looking into to see what’s new and also to change your style of play if it suits you. I’ve switched my Dwarf priest from Holy priest to Shadow.

Priests can spec in three different trees: Discipline, Holy, and Shadow. Learning the more advanced talents require that you have a certain number of talent points spent earlier on so careful planning is necessary. If you want to change your build you can speak to the Priest Trainer in any city (ask a guard where to find them) and for 1 gold you can start over.

The three trees serve different purposes. Discipline is for keeping you alive. Holy is for healing. Shadow is for killing power. Depending on your style of play you may want to focus in on one tree. If you like to do instances/raids you’re going to need good healing power because your party will be depending on you for healing. Before the patch I had the majority of my points focused here and even at Level 27 I was a decent healer for groups of about 6 players up to about level 40. What I found though was that I was very dependent on grouping to do any questing. I didn’t even try to duel because my skilz were so pathetic. For this reason and because I’ve been a 20something priest for long enough now I decided to go Shadow this time, get some questing going and get to 40 for a mount.

Already I’ve seen a major difference. I’ve been out once on my own and once with a Level 26 warrior. I don’t just hang back now and try to stay alive and heal – I actually start out active with the team and switch to healing when its required.

One thing I learned right away was the importance of my wand. My next talent points are going right there until it’s maxed – into the Discipline Talent tree for the wand boost. When mana gets low, priests can use their wand for awhile to let their mana regenerate. If all you do is spell after spell you’re going to either be sucking back potions regularly, having to rest and drink between kills, or dying, leaving your party to fend for themselves.

I finished the Worgen in the Woods series of quests in Duskwood and got myself the Consecrated Wand as a quest reward (binds on pickup) which I intend to keep for the rest of the game. Combined with the wand bonus from the Talent tree it should make life very exciting. You are not going to find this wand at the Auction House and at a speed of 1.2 and 24.2dps it is sweeeet. If you’re a caster do not disenchant this or vendor it. Keep it forever!

Here’s my talent tree at level 27:

Unbreakable will (3/5) – resist stun, fear, silence
Wand Specialization (2/5) – see above, I need more here
Improved Power Word Fortitude (2/2) – as it says
Improved Power Word Shield (1/3) – as it says

I opted out of Silent Resolve, choosing Shadow Affinity in the Shadow tree instead. Both are for reducing threat: SR reduces threat on all spells and chance that they will be dispelled and Shadow Affinity is a higher reduction of only Shadow spells. Since I’m primarily going to be Shadowcasting I’ll try this out for now.

Healing Focus (2/2) – 2 points here gives me a 70% chance to avoid interruption while casting a healing spell. This will be good if something starts beating on me while I’m healing a party member.

Shadow: the point here was to get as many points in so that I can get to the deeper, better talents
Spirit Tap (5/5) – gain a bonus to spirit and regenerate mana while casting
Shadow Affinity (2/3) – reduce threat
Improved Shadow Word: Pain (2/2) – increases duration
Shadow Focus (1/5) – reduces target’s chance to resist
Improved Psychic Scream (1/2) – reduces cooldown
Improved Mind Blast (3/3) – reduces cooldown
Mind Flay (1/1) – You want this one. causes damage and slows target’s movement by 50%
Shadow Reach (1/2) – increase range of shadow spells
Shadow Weaving (1/5) – increased change to make target vulnerable to shadow damage

Picking up Mind Flay Rank 1 in the Shadow tree turned out to be a really good choice because when I hit 28 and went to see the Priest Trainer I was able to train Rank 2 Mind Flay! The only place to get Rank 1 is in the talent tree and people say it’s the best spell a priest can have. I’m hoping it’s the truth.

I’m also thinking of adding 1pt to Psychic Scream so that I can get Silence, which prevents casters for casting for 5 secs. This sounds like it could be really useful when i’m out with my Warrior buddy – I silence them, he runs in for the kill. Only thing is that it requires 20 pts in the tree so I have to plan out 3 more points here first. For now I’ll put my point for Level 28 into the Wands specialization. After that they’ll go into Shadow building up for Silence, probably through Shadow Reach (1 more) and Mind Blast (1 or 2 more) or Shadow Affinity (1 pt).


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