WoW quests: low level druid in need of Cenarion Moondust

Candace, 18 September 2006, Comments Off on WoW quests: low level druid in need of Cenarion Moondust
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Round about level 10 my druid got the first quest in the series that ends with learning bear form. I went through the different stages of the quest pretty quickly – learned a teleport, got a few levels, but then it got complicated when I received Cenarian Moondust from the dude (Mathrengyl Bearwalker) at the top of the druid tower in Darnassus. I headed out to talk to the Moonkin spirit Lunaclaw and found the cave in Auberdine directly east. When the quest says “directly east” it usually means “really close”. I met up with another druid doing the same quest so we grouped and had no problem getting into the cave. I had my Moondust sitting in my action bar so I could apply it to the rock with ease. Applying it to the rock made the spirit appear, we both interacted with him (so I thought) and then the other druid departed to return the quest and I hung around to finish another quest in the same area.

When I got back to the druid tower, Bearwalker tells me I’m not done yet – good grief. I know I was there – I attacked Lunaclaw, I was sure I’d done everything, but if Bearwalker says incomplete there isn’t much option.

I headed back to the cave to see if I’d left something but after fighting my way back to the stone I had no Moondust to activate it. After much running back and forth (and futile pleading with Bearwalker for more Moondust) I found a forum where someone said the magic words: Abandon the Quest. After you abandon the quest Bearwalker will give it to you again – with the essential ingredient: more Cenarion Moondust.

I headed back to the cave one more time, got to the rock, faced Lunaclaw and then (and here’s what I missed before) clicked on the text of his message. Only then does the quest register as complete. I’ve gotten into the habit now of checking my quest log before leaving a quest area to make sure it’s logged as complete. I do not want to go through anything like this again.


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