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Candace, 08 May 2006, Comments Off on Wii Wii Wii all the way home
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Less than 56 hours until the E3 show floor opens its doors to the likes of me. One of the cool things to be checking out this year is Nintendo’s Wii (pronounced “we”), their next generation gaming console. There’s no big competition for them this year in terms of home consoles since Microsoft’s Xbox 360 dominated the floor last year and thus has had its turn (and has nothing grand to show off this year) and Sony’s Playstation 3 continues to drag its heels, postponing its release date again and again.

Yesssirree, the Wii is the thing to see this year. Even better will it be if there are some systems on hand for attendees to try out (which there shoud be since the realease is set for this fall).

wiiThe Wii will revolutionize game play when it comes out. It’s got a one handed controller that contains motion sensors that allow players to control the game action on the screen by waving it around and sensitive enough to actually finely influence your equipment/weapon/action. Think baseball bats, tennis rackets, martial arts, apple picking…the possibilities are endless. It has similar potential to Sony’s EyeToy for getting couch potatoes off the couch and into the game. One hand control also frees the other hand for coffee, snacks, and other things.

Indeed, the Wii could revolutionize game play…though its name will not. Nintendo’s new system was unofficially referred to as the “Revolution” but everyone (ahem) knows that a revolution is 360 degrees. Of course this would be infringing on another system whose name uses the concept of the 360 degrees of a full circle. Can’t have that now y’know? Nintendo claims that the final name choice, “Wii”, is easy to translate into any language, because it requires no such translation. It’s a simple word, that creates no confusion – except that no one can spell it or pronounce it. Yet. Nintendo assures us that they will learn! In a few short months, Wii will trip easily off the tongue.

So soon the Wii will be trying to find its way into your heart – well in time for your holiday shopping. If you’re looking for something revolutionary, or just a wii bit novel, Nintendo’s Wii might be just the thing. I’ll be looking for some good photo opps at E3 this wiik so have a piik towards the end of the wiik and see what I’ve managed.


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  1. Zeldafighter15
    26 May 2006, 12:05 pm

    Good job, Nintendo. You might have a good chance to become one of the best video game company again like u did when u guyz released N64 however gamecube wasnt that great. Just Please change that stupid name u gave for the new console and change it back to Revolution. The name “wii” sucks balls and u might be mocked and humiliated for that name despite new innovated things u showed us in E3 from the Wii console.

  2. 16punches
    26 May 2006, 1:23 pm

    Yeah, the name isn’t the greatest, although it does lend itself now to lots of plays on other words like: piinut, niidle, wiisel, wiiner, and just wait for all the new spellings of names like: Jennii, Piiter, Liina…

    I guess if they want to change it back to ‘Revolution’ they’ll have to work out the ip with Microsoft – you know, 360=revolution.

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