Please let this be true: The FemINist INitiative of Canada

Candace, 08 February 2006, No comments
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It’s cold. And snowing. Sitting in Harper’s Canada, I’ve just been given something to hope for. INtegrity – INclusiveness – INnovation – INvolvement – who could ask for more?

It started in May 2005 and the time has come to go national. A new political party is taking shape: The FemINist INitiative of Canada and there’s nothing yet on Snopes saying it’s a hoax.

Please let this be true.

Here’s the mission statement:

The purposes of FemINit-CA are to work toward achieving a society:
a) whose social, cultural, political and economic institutions reflect the balance of the feminine and masculine in the populace;

b) in which the wellbeing of all its members is its greatest aspiration and the measure of its progress;

c) in which communities are recognized and valued for their ability to act and control their own interests and destinies;

d) in which the social, economic and physical environments are recognized and valued for their contributions to (b) and are therefore nurtured and protected; and

e) in which grassroots involvement in the democratic process is valued and encouraged.


To gain provincial and federal recognition they need signatures of support. Read the constitution here and if it sounds like something you could support, then become a member through the downloadable form here. The site says it was last updated today so I’m hoping it’s real and sending my support directly.

If it is a hoax, please don’t anyone tell me until morning.


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  1. Chrystal Ocean
    09 February 2006, 1:03 am

    Oh, we’re real alright. Not a hoax. Please help us become an officially-recognized federal political party by becoming a member. We can’t do it without you!

    Chrystal Ocean,
    FemINist INitiative of Canada

  2. angela
    09 February 2006, 1:19 am

    hello. i promise it is not a hoax. we are real. [and i wanted to tell you before morning] thank you for your interest and the exposure, and for letting us know we have inspired some hope.

  3. Administrator
    09 February 2006, 6:00 pm

    The information is making its way through the U Windsor listservs ~ hopefully some more recognition and involvement will come of it.

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